Forex Trading With No License, Tons of Opportunity

You can't call it day-trading when the market is open 24/7 ! 

Talk about a wild west market situation, this is unreal.

Ok, you will still need a license to do foreign exchange currency trading. Though, the striking similarities between the alt coin and major currency markets allows us to make educated guesses. 

On the trading platform Poloniex, users trade coin-to-coin with no fees. There are many emerging alt currencies to choose from on Poloniex. 

Imagine a situation where a currency valued @ .50 cents is about to get a big bump. You trade your Ether or Bitcoin for the emerging currency and let that .50 cents become $1.25 and then trade again, coin to coin back to your original currency, gaining more than twice as much holding. 

This past week, a coin to coin trade of Ethereum @ 400 to Litecoin @ 27 would have nearly doubled your stack with LTC now @ 50.