Where is digital currency taking us?

"This technology has the potential to disrupt a whole host of industries from financial services to manufacturing, supply chain management, and to health care records, by infusing transparency and trust in traditionally closed systems." as stated by Congressman M. Burgess (TX) at the March 2016 Hearing of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Are we ready for this change? Let's step back and evaluate how these technologies are developed. Technology is moving quicker than humanity can sit and enjoy their coffee. The lifecyle of a cellphone is about 6 months. 49% of consumers are upgrading their cellphones within 1 year (reconanalytics.com). As we become more mobile, people are replacing their personal computers (PC) to laptops, tablets or iPads. In the finance world, we have credit cards and iPays that allows us to pay goods with a swipe of the card.

Now, with the development and mainstreaming the use of digital currency, new solutions called decentralized applications (DAPPS) are live or in development to support not only the digital currency, but also industries, such as travel, finance, insurance, etc. Check out State of Dapps, https://dapps.ethercasts.com/. One must understand the digital currency and its impact because, the mushroom just bloomed with DAPPS.

If you’re new to the decentralized and open source community, let’s start with Open Source Initiative (www.opensource.org). In order for one to understand, the formula= share, open, humble, and innovate.